September The Significance of the ECFA to Taiwan and Mainland China by Ms. Jaqueline Liu, Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, U.S.A.

Appreciating the Power and Promise of Museums by Dr. Handy Williamson Jr., Vice Provost of International Programs, University of Missouri (Closing research remarks at the Yeongwol Yonsei International Museum Forum)

May "Lincoln's Springfield," Telling the Story of Ameria's 16th President by Dr. Michael J. Devine, Ph.D., Board Member, TWI, Director, Truman Presidential Museum

Creative Thinking (Creative Process) and Applications for Yeongwol Museum City Culture Marketing by Prof. Joowon Lee, Secretary of the Board, TWI, Adjunct Professor, Yonsei University

September <Development Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa - a Dutch Perspective>
by Dr. Hans Heinsbroek, Consul General of the Netherlands, Chicago, U.S.A.
(C.V.s of Board Members)

Dr. C. J. Nelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Holly Bondurant, M.D. Mr. Sunghoon Lee Pstr. Jim Bryan
Dr. Ruth Brent Tofle, Ph.D. Dr. Yonggyu Lee, Ph.D. Dr. Michael Devine, Ph.D. Mr. Jinsang Kim
Dr. Lilliard Richardson, Ph.D.      
(C.V.s of Advisory Members) Dr. Hans Heinsbroek, Ph.D. Prof. Mark Langeneckert    
May Research Court at the Donggang Digital Society, S. Korea
  Korean Language digital resources donation by Prof. Yoon-pyo Hong from Yonsei University Korean Literature Department (Prev.)
May Exhibit Content Provision that includes Hans Schnyder and Curtis J. Nelson, Diurnal Growth of Tall Fescue Leaf Blades, etc.
October Yeongwol International Museum Forum - Session1 (Co-organizer): Social Roles and Responsibilties of Museums for Participations, Communications, and Changes
Invited speakers and papers:
Peter Comiskey, Executive Director, Balboa Park Culture Partnership / 27 arts, science and cultural institutions 10 years of collaboration And soon - one park-wide museum pass
Michael Devine, Director, Truman Presidential Museum and Library / The Social Role of Museums
Maria L. Gilbert, Sr. Writer/Editor, The J. Paul Getty Museum / From Authority to Agency: The Transformative Impact of Social Media on Museums
Rosanna Flouty, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Museum Studies, New York University / Centralized, Decentralized, Distributed:
Disruptive Technology in Museum Education

Charles Hinman, Winner of John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in Painting / A Look at the Contributions to Their Communities of Three Different Museums in the United States
Lampo Leong, Professor, Department of Art, University of Missouri
Hong Lu Shenzhen, Vice Principal, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute /
Leila Matta, Brand Identity, Design, and Art Programs Manager, Communications and Corporate Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC / Art is a Catalyst for Positive Cultural Change
Robert C. Morgan, Professor Emeritus in Art History, Rochester Institute of Technology / Social Material: Curatorial Practice and the Virtual Museum
Michael Murawski, Director, Education and public programs, Portland Art Museum / Possibilities for Evolution: The Role of Artists and Participatory, Socially-Engaged Practice Within the Museum
Mike Nourse, Director of Education, Hyde Park Art Center / Power of Partnerships: Roles and Responsibilities for Arts Organizations
Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Assistant Professor and Director, 4D curriculum for Visual Communication, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago / Future Museums Now: Augmented Reality Musings
Susan Russick, Special Collections Conservator, Northwestern University Libraries / To Protect and Serve: Conservation and the Social Role of Museums
Patterson Sims, President, Board of Independent Curators International / How Do NY Art Museums Manifest their Role as Social Institutions?
August Breathing Product
Place: Reynolds Alumni Center University Club, University of Missouri / Date and Time: 9AM, August 30
C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus
Reverend Jim Bryan
Alex W. Barker, Director, Museum of Art and Archaeology
Charles P. Bondurant, M.D.
Holly Bondurant, MD, FAAP
Tashel Bordere, PhD, CT (Certified Thanatologist ? Death, Dying, and Grief)
Laura Danforth, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Dr. Sonia Dhaliwal, Assistant Teaching Professor
Dale Fitch, PhD, MSSW
Lisa Y. Flores, Professor and Program Director, Counseling Psychology
Rebekah A. Freese, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor, School of Social Work
Jean Ispa, Professor and Department Co-Chair
John Lauriello, M.D.
Ashlie Lester, Director of Graduate Studies
Ruth Brent Tofle, Professor and Chair
Ayako Tsuruta, Pianist, Founder and Artistic Director
David Webber, Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Instructor
April Sponsored Stress, Mental Health and Well-Being of International Students at MIZZOU organized by Department of Architectural Studies
Place: Memorial Union Jesse Wrench Auditorium and Open House at International Center immediately following program / Date and Time: 3PM, April 20
May TLL preparation meeting (speech by Dr. C. J. Nelson, Co-Chair of TLL)
Place: Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korea / Date and Time: 7:10AM, May 8